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Dance for PD® is an innovative therapy that uses movement and music to help people with Parkinson’s disease hold off the ravages of the condition. Originating at the famed Mark Morris Dance group in Brooklyn, New York, Dance for PD® complements research that shows dance moderates both physical and psychological features of the disease. Stanford neurologist and Parkinson’s disease expert Helen Bronte-Stewart, a trained dancer, brought the program to the Stanford Neuroscience Health Center, where a dance studio can be found on the first floor. Participants in Stanford’s Dance for PD® include caregivers as well as people with Parkinson’s disease, students and members of the community. Classes at Stanford are offered free of charge and are supported by a grant from the National Parkinson Foundation. Read about Dance for PD® at Stanford in Stanford Medicine magazine: For more information about Dance for PD®: For information about Dance for PD® at Stanford: