What is Parkinson’s Disease?

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In the third edition of The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s whiteboard video series, Dr. Rachel Dolhun, movement disorder specialist and vice president of medical communications, breaks down the basics of Parkinson’s disease. To learn more about the Foundation and how you can help speed a cure, please visit: www.michaeljfox.org. For more tools on navigating your personal journey with Parkinson’s, explore our Parkinson’s 360 multimedia toolkit at: www.michaeljfox.org/PD360. We gratefully acknowledge the Steering Committee members of our 2016 Disease Education Consortium and The Albert B. Glickman Parkinson’s Disease Education Program, whose sponsorship allows us to create and distribute materials such as the “What is Parkinson’s disease?” video while preserving our track record of efficiency in stewarding donor-raised contributions for maximum impact on Parkinson’s drug development. Sponsorship support does not influence MJFF’s content perspective or panelist selection.