2020 Insight Into Parkinson’s Vortragsprogramm



Welcome to INSIGHT 2020!

Melissa McConaghy – Australia

Exercise matters for people with Parkinson’s

Prof. Bastiaan Bloem – Netherlands

A basic science approach to understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Randy Schekman – USA

Ending Parkinson’s disease

Dr. Ray Dorsey – USA

Leveraging Lifestyle Choices for Brain Health

Dr. David Perlmutter – USA

Computational Methods for Disease Modeling

Jianying Hu, Ph.D – USA

Blocking harmful neuroinflammation to arrest neurodegeneration

Prof. Matt Cooper – Australia

Occupational Therapy – High touch in a high tech world

Marilyn Pattison – Australia

Translation of research into Advocacy

Jodette Kotz – Australia – CEO – Parkinson’s Australia

People Powered Research

Annie Amjad UK

Exercise to promote neural plasticity in Parkinson’s disease

Prof. Meg Morris – Australia

Why, when, and how to exercise at high intensity

Prof. Margaret Schenkman – USA

Why Exercise is beneficial?

Dr. Matthew Sacheli – Canada


ParkyLife – The Brighter Side of Parkinson’s

Matt Eagles – UK

Collaboration- Our strength is not as individuals but as a collective

Tammy Ramsey-Evans – New Zealand

Patients as Teachers: Nutritional Habits Associated with the Slowest Rate of PD Progression

Dr. Laurie Mischley – USA

Parkinson’s, Fasting, and Ketogenic Diets

Dr. Matthew Phillips – New Zealand

Emerging research reveals a novel application of physiotherapy to influence microbiome and restore function of patients living with Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Ann Liebert – Australia

Neuropsychological Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Luke Smith – Australia

Tired of trouble sleeping….How to get a good night’s rest with Parkinson’s disease

Dr. Rebecca Gilbert – USA

Non-Motor Symptoms of PD: Seeing, Thinking, Feeling, Sleeping

Prof. Alice Cronin-Golomb – USA

Balance control in Parkinson disease

Dr. Laurie King – USA

Cueing for Parkinson’s – What, Why and How? A guide for therapists and their clients.

Tara Martin – Neurological Physiotherapist, New Zealand

Freezing of gait – why and how

Dr. Aasef Shaikh MD, PhD Neurologist & Neuroscientist – USA


Maximizing medication efficacy

Dr. Maria De Leon, MD – USA

Why Do You Need A Parkinson’s Nurse On Your Team?

Janet McLeod OAM – Australia

All things between the Sheets, Sleep, sex and Parkinson’s

Victor McConvey – Australia

The placebo effect in Parkinson’s Disease

Damien Finniss

Why Mindset and Movement Matters

Melissa McConaghy – Australia

Brain and Mind

Alex Kerten and Elizabeth Ildal

What’s new in DBS for Parkinson’s disease

Dr. Paul Silberstein – Australia

Living Well with Parkinson Disease through Palliative Care

Dr. Christina Vaughan, MD, MHS – USA

Generations Balancing Together

Erica DeMarch – USA

Living Positively with Parkinson’s

Allison Toepperwein

How I got back what I lost and so much more!

Christine Jeyachandran – Peru

The Power of Sport and Exercise in PD- mental & physical health and symptoms improvement

Charlie Appleyard – UK

Closing address

Melissa McConaghy – Australia